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What bank won’t tell you if you are a new Entrepreneur is that there is funding available for startups. We will fight to get you the best funding package for your start up.

A new entrepreneur could get the ability to secure funding, if they wished to supplement their 9 am to 5 pm income with other passive income strategies, our consult can help get you setup and ready to fund your new business.


  • New business that is pre revenue, or a young business unable to qualify for a traditional business line of credit this is a great option.

  • The loan is cash deposited into your bank account making it perfect for consolidating previous business debts, paying for employees, marketing, education services, products, equipment, and anything else you can pay for in cash/debit.


  • However, you will need a 650-fico score

  • For non-real estate deals the business owner may at last 2 pay stubs or last 2 years personal tax returns to qualify.


Get Funded Fast Track Options:

 Get Startup Funding:

  • Startups can get Loans up to $100,000, terms up to 7 years

  • No Collateral Required,

  • unsecured loans deposited into your bank account.

Get Credit Fixed For Funding:

  • Get fast, reliable credit repair to secure your startup funding.

  •  funding plans we will help you obtain the right funding that's right for you.

  • Unsecured Loans, real estate deals, Lines of Credit, and Revolving Lines.

Get Startup Real Estate Funding:

Get, funding without damaging

your ( PC ) credit.

  • Fast funding

  • Specialized funding option for real estate

  • No Document or minimum documents required

Get Funding Answers:

 Our Affiliate Program:

  • Referral Fee for each client you already do business 

  • Up to 2.0% of the total purchase price of the transaction

  • Get additional income of over a $1,000 no questions asked

3-Bureau FICO Report & Score:

  •  Know if you qualify for a loan and what interest rates you receive.

  • Actively monitoring your credit allows you to stay on top of changes

  •  Be confident by knowing your FICO® Scores – the scores used by 90% of top lenders.

     Get Your Customized Funding Plan

  • Getting the right type of loan for your business isn't as simple as visiting a website.

  • Prevent your loans or credit accounts from costing you SO MUCH MORE in fees, expenses, and interest than necessary.

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